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Our clients tell us that what sets us apart is an ability to get quickly and efficiently to the point of a matter and then to provide advice that is practical, solution-oriented and that represents value-for-money.


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Sick Leave Allocations - going up As from 24 July 2021 the minimum sick leave entitlements has increased from five days per year to ten days per year. That change won’t affect everyone straight... Significant Natural Areas: What are your rights? Our thanks to Simon Peirce for his contribution to the article. Recently, some of our clients have been asking whether the Council has a right to enter their property to assess... Do new rules to multiply density + high residential demand = time to subdivide? With ever increasing demand for houses, the government is taking steps to increase housing capacity. The Dunedin City Council recently released Variation 2 to the Second-Generation... Tips for dealing with legal contracts   Contracts can be boring. We all know they are important, but dealing with legal wording can leave people frustrated and unhappy. If you work in a role where you regularly...


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