Going through the process of being declared insolvent can be difficult. It doesn’t just affect the subject of the insolvency, but also a number of other people and businesses.

At Gallaway Cook Allan we understand that dealing with insolvency both as an individual or an affected creditor can be a stressful time. We have extensive experience in helping clients work through insolvency, and ensure they are in the best possible legal and financial position.

Our insolvency team can provide you with expert legal assistance if you or your business is in financial trouble. We can help you explore your options before you opt for bankruptcy or liquidation, and see if there are any alternatives that would suit your particular financial situation. We can offer legal assistance to help you restructure your debt in order to avoid insolvency, and have helped a number of clients to achieve this.

Our expert legal team can also help if an individual or a company that is going through insolvency owes you money. We can provide legal advice on a range of solutions from debt collection and recovery, through to acting on your behalf in liquidations of your debtors. 

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