Terms of Engagement

When you instruct us we will present you with two documents;

i.               Terms of Engagement and Client Information, and
ii.              Letter of Engagement. 

The Terms of Engagement and Client Information incorporates our standard terms of trade and information we are required to disclose to you in relation to fees, our insurance arrangement, the Lawyer Fidelity Fund and other specific matters. These are likely to be amended very rarely.

The Letter of Engagement will list the specific services that will be provided to you in response to your request, the basis on which our fees will be charged, and finally the name and status of the people in our firm who will have overall responsibility for the services. It will be important for clients to question details on that letter if they are not understood or agreed upon, and otherwise sign the letter for return to your lawyer at their earliest convenience.  It is important to understand that should the original request change or evolve to more services, an updated Letter of Engagement will need to be produced 

We have worked to effect the process in a streamlined way, but we would welcome comment and questions to assist with any fine tuning for the future.

Download and view the Terms of Engagement