About our photography

We asked Dunedin photographer Clive Copeman to create images for each of our four main client types – Commercial, Agribusiness, Public Sector and Private Clients. We asked Clive to link the images in some way, and finally we told him that we didn’t want “eye candy”, we wanted images that spoke to the subject matter, that could tell a story. We think Clive did a great job.

A jaw-dropping landscape somewhere outside Lawrence, our image for Agribusiness is perhaps the one most like “eye candy”, but look closely and you find within this vista sheep and beef farms, dairy farms, deer farms and all of the infrastructure and services to support the engine of the New Zealand economy.

Our image for Commercial clients is a cross-section of business activity: an old warehouse given a new lease of life by an entrepreneurial developer; the myriad of professions and trades needed to bring it to reality: and the makeshift desk of a new tenant, getting a business off the ground, fuelled by coffee and ambition.

Our image for Public Sector clients is a shot of the booking hall at Dunedin Railway Station, once the country’s busiest station. The Public Sector is there to support society, whether it is the local or regional Council, Health Boards, schools, the University or the Polytechnic, infrastructure owners and operators. In our image we’ve captured the flow of people going about their business, with just one person picked out in focus, to show that, although our institutions may support society as a whole, it is made up of individuals.

Our image for Private Clients shows a typical kiwi backyard; the garden fence, some bushes, trees, cricket stumps, a well-used lawn. You’ll find a similar scene in thousands of houses across the region. Our work for Private Clients is all about helping people deal with the legal issues they face over the course of a lifetime - buying or selling a house, establishing a Trust, making a Will, caring for elderly relatives, administering an Estate.

Our linking theme across all of the images is symmetry and repetition: of the garden fence; of the station arches; of the warehouse brickwork and windows, and of the rolling Otago hills.