The Gallaway Cook Allan Prize in Law & Emerging Technologies

The firm is proud to sponsor The Gallaway Cook Allan Prize in Law & Emerging Technologies. Students taking this 400-level paper are given free rein to write about the legal and regulatory issues surrounding emerging technologies. There is no textbook for this, no model answer - legislators are grappling with the same issues as the students. We feel that the essays deserve a wider audience and are publishing here the winners and the shortlist. Essays that make the shortlist have been chosen by a panel of judges, from academia and business. Outside of the usual criteria for academic papers we have given weight to readability. We want you to engage with the essays and enjoy them.

2021 winner

1st prize Bella Stuart From representative democracy to (un?) representative algocracy Runner up Lili Sabonadiere Regulatory approaches to crime in the digital art trade

2020 winner

1st prize Hannah Cross The Regulation of Robo-Advice Runner up Nick Taylor The Illustrated Man: A Brief Analysis of the Regulatory Challenges of Deepfake Technologies

2019 winner

1st prize Emma Harris The Six Million Dollar Man: Regulatory Challenges and Strategies in the Age of the Cyborg Highly commended Eva Pearson Sex Robots: Pain or Pleasure? Highly commended Alexander Bryan Regulating Driverless Cars Runner up Jonty Brakenridge Regulatory and ethical implications posed by the of CRISPR-CAS 9 technology Runner up Joseph Corbett Old Laws and New LAWS: Just War Theory’s Response to Killer Robots Runner up Renee Black Gene Editing and Minorities - Preventing Regulation from Becoming Discrimination

2018 winner

1st prize Holly Moffett 3d-Printed Guns: Keeping New Zealand out of the Firing Line Runner up Emma Hartland A Response to the ACART Consultation on Posthumous Reproduction 2018 Runner up Francesca Dykes Posthumous Reproduction Runner up William Buckley Gene Editing