Warren Alcock

Warren Alcock


Warren is widely regarded as one of the most experienced sports lawyers in New Zealand.

Warren joined Gallaway Cook Allan in 1992 after working as a lecturer at Otago University’s Law Faculty. He initially worked in litigation but when rugby became a professional sport in 1995, he began advising players on all aspects of sports law. He has since represented most of New Zealand’s top All Blacks and other elite athletes.

Warren became a partner in 1995 but shifted to his role as consultant in 2006. He also works for international sports management company Halo Sport.

“I’ve been interested in rugby since day one, so it’s great to be able to work in an area that I’m so passionate about. It’s not just a job,” he says.

“When you represent players, a lot of them become friends. You see them progress throughout their careers – from high school, to being an All Black, to becoming fathers and finishing their careers. That’s pretty special.”

In his spare time, Warren enjoys exercising and spending time with his family.