Roger Macassey

Roger Macassey


Roger is a Wanaka-based consultant specialising in commercial law.

Roger joined the firm in 1968 and has worked with companies in takeovers and amalgamations, intellectual property and securities, as well as individuals for wills, trusts and estates and succession planning.

He served as a partner for Gallaway Cook Allan from 1972-2012 before becoming a part-time consultant.

Roger is also a company director for several private enterprises and in the past he has been a director of public companies as well as acting for many national companies.

“I really like the ethos of the firm. We are not out to make a lot of money, our goal is to do a good job and get on with people,” he says.

Roger enjoys playing tennis, golf, following rugby and keeping busy with his family.


LLM(HONS) (Otago)