Felicity Hayman

Felicity Hayman


Felicity specialises in property law, with a particular interest in development and subdivision.

Working with both small and large clients in the property industry, Felicity enjoys the challenges presented by real estate and other areas of commercial law.

“It's like doing a puzzle, getting all the pieces together and making them fit,” she says.

Based in our Wanaka office, Felicity also handles estates, trusts and wills. She’s committed to getting results for her clients as quickly as possible, while remaining thorough and approachable.

Felicity joined Gallaway Cook Allan through Blake Law in 2000.  Blake Law became Blake Horder, then Blake Horder Gowing which is now Gallaway Cook Allan. Formerly with a large Auckland firm, she moved to the mainland after meeting a South Island farmer and raising their three girls.

Felicity appreciates the growing culture of women being able to continue working while raising a family. “All it needs is a little bit of give and take for women to be able to remain in the workforce,” she says.