Kate Logan

Kate Logan


Kate is a member of our litigation team, dealing mostly in civil matters as well as criminal law.

She’s experienced in limited licence applications, insurance, regulatory prosecutions, debt recovery, commercial disputes, contractual disputes and professional negligence across a wide range of industries. She has a background in construction litigation, dealing with matters such as leaky buildings, workmanship disputes and debt collection.

“Civil litigation tends to be varied – you become an expert in all sorts of different areas. I think that’s what makes it interesting, because you’re always doing something new,” she says.

“I enjoy thinking tactically to help people solve their problems. I like helping them improve their position or ensuring their rights are protected.”

Kate juggles her career with motherhood and in her spare time she likes going to the movies and socialising. She is also a member of the Otago Women Lawyers' Society and the Dunedin Young Professionals.